Biohazard Man 01

Biohazard Man

This project was a simple class exercise in documentation. We were walking as a group, from one end of South Bank to the other, devising some method of recording the process as we went. I came prepared for the journey with my Canon 60D, and a little yellow LEGO minifig with a terrified expression on his face. I wanted to see how I could contextualise this little caricature. Playing with the tension of size – little human in oversized world – and the dramatic facial expression that without context showed fear towards nothing and everything all at once, practically speaking this was an easy task. It wasn’t long at all before I’d found several terrifying scenarios and likely hiding spots for this little Biohazard Man.

Conceptually this was an attempt to insert an implied narrative into an otherwise unnoteworthy stroll. A further experimentation involved digitally overpainting the figure with flat yellow, incompletely erasing the implication of narrative, the trace of the minifig’s presence still visible, but uninterpretable. This approach amplified the contrivance of the contexts that I had inserted the minifig into. These images were clearly manufactured and therefore meaningless. By presenting both versions I challenged the audience to consider this contrivance, and whether it was as possibly assumed, completely devoid of value as a result.

Tonally I approached this task lightheartedly. While there were certainly more serious options (so many other classmates found) the obvious comedy potential begged to be explored.